Anne Marie Molster is a prophetic writer who desires to share the heart of the Lord while encouraging others to step into the secret place that He has reserved just for them. She carries the gift of a seer who is given visions and dreams that speak into her life as well as the lives of others.  By stepping into His presence she is able to hear of His love for His children and His great plans for them, which she then shares through a written word. By sharing her encounters she desires to bring others into a deeper relationship with the Lord, so that they understand that they too can hear His voice and experience a relationship that surpasses all others.

Anne Marie has stood strong in her faith through many seasons that could have easily defeated her. Her passion is to give HOPE to others by showing His deep compassion for His children while instilling the belief that they can do anything through Christ who strengthens them. She prays that they will find great FAITH in what is unseen, rather than what is seen in the natural. Believing that God is constantly working on their behalfimg_3153, working all things for the good of those that love Him.

Anne Marie is currently working on two books. She and her husband, Marty, recently began their own business, Uphome Renovations, providing remodeling, plumbing and repair services. While God has made writing a lifetime desire for Anne Marie, their renovation business has been a dream in the making for over twenty years. One of their goals within their business is  to provide families with repairs who may not otherwise be able to afford the expensive pricing of larger companies. Anne Marie and Marty believe in the importance of spiritual renovation and renewal as well.  By sharing their experiences both individually and in their marriage, they minister to others in hopes to bring restoration to many lives, as well as many marriages.

Your prayers are welcomed and appreciated as Anne Marie continues to walk in faith for God’s will over her life.

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